Peizhao Ou's Homepage
Mt. Whitney, Aug, 2015
Peizhao Ou
E-mail: "$FirstName"+"o" [at] uci [dot] edu
Research Interests
  • My research mainly focuses on building reliable concurrent software and systems, including dynamic/static analysis and tool support, and studying simple, clean, and easy-to-understand concurrency semantics for programming languages. More specifically, I am actively involved in implementation, verification and testing of concurrent data structures under relaxed memory models. I also have a general interest in static and dynamic analysis for building useful compilers or related tools, and in the design and implementation of robust and highly-scalable distributed systems.

Professional Experience
  • Software Engineer Intern at Google Inc., CA, USA (Jun 2017 - Sep 2017)

  • Software Engineer at Google Inc., CA, USA (Dec 2018 - Present)
Teaching Experience


  • Peizhao Ou and Brian Demsky. Towards Understanding the Costs of Avoiding Out-of-Thin-Air Results. (OOPSLA'18), Boston, Massachusetts, USA. November, 2018. [extended version] [slides]

  • Peizhao Ou and Brian Demsky. Checking Concurrent Data Structures Under the C/C++11 Memory Model. (PPoPP'17), Austin, Texas, USA. February, 2017. [preprint] [slides]

  • Peizhao Ou and Brian Demsky. AutoMO: Automatic Inference of Memory Order Parameters for C/C++11. (OOPSLA'15), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. October 2015. [preprint] [slides]

  • Cheng Zhang, Juyuan Yang, Yi Zhang, Jing Fan, Xin Zhang, Jianjun Zhao and Peizhao Ou. Automatic Parameter Recommendation for Practical API Usage. (ICSE'12), Zurich, Switzerland. June, 2012. [paper]
  • Non-peer-reviewed:

  • Peizhao Ou. An Initial Study of Two Approaches to Eliminating Out-of-Thin-Air Results. (Ph.D. Dissertation), UC Irvine. December, 2018.

  • Peizhao Ou. CDSSPEC: Testing Concurrent Data Structures Under the C/C++ 11 Memory Model. (M.S. Thesis), UC Irvine. December, 2014.

  • CDSSpec: a specificatioin checker framework for concurrent data structures written in the C/C++11 memory model.

  • AutoMO: a memory order parameter inference framework for the C/C++11 memory model.

  • OOTA-Free Compilers: an LLVM-based C/C++ compiler framework that forbids out-of-thin-air results.